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The Homegrown Professor

Everyone appreciates that raising and teaching children is a very rewarding yet demanding process. This is no truer than for the homeschooling parent who must balance providing high-quality education with 1001 other demands (maintaining the house, getting the kids “socialized”, allowing the teacher themselves to get “socialized” as well, etc.). Meanwhile, the teacher is often striving to teach subjects that were found to be hard or boring to work through as students themselves.

This is what The Homegrown Professor is all about.

It's all about the Homeschooling Parent and their family. Here are tidbits of knowledge over an eclectic range of topics. Here is a homeschooler's homeschool where parents, through knowledge, can feel more confident and empowered.

Here families have a ready resource to pick up lessons on a wide range of interests and learn together.

There's something for everybody.

Who is the Homegrown Professor? It's you! It is any and all of us who have started from the ground up to create a house of learning for our families. But, we don't need to build it alone. We hope that the information you find here will help you on your homeschool journey.

Hot Topics

Satisfy your curiosity and investigate the current topics below.

How low can you go? - Find out by exploring the Challenger deep

Who's the most famous & loved bandit of all time? - Learn about Robing Hood and his band

Life down under (not Australia) - Learn about South Africa

Lessons from ancient Rome - Learn about the Crisis of the Third Century

Banishing slavery forever - The thirteenth amendment

Plants gone bad! - Learn about Carnivorous plants

Rembrandt is one of the most famous painters of all time, and his art speaks to us today. - Learn about the man himself and experience some of his works.

Who's the man who changed the way we view money? - Learn about Milton Friedman.

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